I only provide ethical therapeutic massage.
If you are looking for any inappropriate type of service do not bother to call.

I've never had a massage before.  What should I expect?

First you will fill out a brief form.  This is to let me know of any health conditions you might have so that I can adjust my work if necessary.  We will discuss your goals for the session so that I can tailor the massage to your needs. I will ask if you want full body massage or only on specific area/s (I will avoid any areas you do not want me to massage).  I will then leave the room while you undress to your level of comfort and lay underneath a clean sheet on the table.  The temperature of the room and the table can be easily adjusted to your comfort.  During the massage I will only uncover an area if I am working on it.  Normally I use a small amount of unscented massage cream, which I am careful not to get in your hair.   

Do I have to take my clothes off?

No.  A very relaxing massage can be applied while you are fully clothed. 

Depending on your goals, removing clothing might allow my work to be more effective. If you do chose to remove any of your clothing I will leave the room while you undress and drape yourself under a clean sheet on the table.  I will only uncover an area if I am working on it and you will be appropriately covered for the entire session. 

How much pressure will you use? 

I use light-moderate pressure, starting gently and increasing carefully and as guided by you.  The amount of pressure you like may vary depending on the area I am working on.  I may check in with you during the session and I encourage you to advise me whenever necessary.  Massage works best with good communication. I do not not believe in the no pain no gain adage when it comes to massage. Instead, I always aim to make and remain friends with your nerves!

What type of products will you use on my skin? Are you going to get oil in my hair? Are You Going To Use Anything Scented?

I use unscented massage cream and usually not more than needed to contact your skin without an uncomfortable dragging.  I am careful not to get it in your hair. I only use other products such as essential oils, tiger balm, etc at your request.

Should I Tip You?

I do not expect tips, but I always appreciate them! Referral's and/or a good review with your permission to post on this site are also appreciated very much!


If you have any questions this did not answer feel free to call or e-mail me.  JulieYudo@MassageTherapy.com