I only provide ethical and professional therapeutic massage. If you are looking for any inappropriate type of service do not bother to call.


It's YOUR massage!

I always aim to make you comfortable and make the best use of your time.  I will ask if you'd like full body massage or more focused work on just some areas that might be aching.  Everyone is unique and despite my usual ability to guess well, I know I would be wrong plenty of times about how much pressure is right if I only used my intuition and didn't also ask.  I will encourage you to communicate with me because your feedback will help me give you the most beneficial session possible.  Aside from how much pressure you'd like I will also want to know if you'd like the temperature of the blanket adjusted, music changed, etc.  I try to allow you to guide whether or not there is conversation during your session and am very happy to provide you a quiet space to think, sleep, meditate, etc during your massage.