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We love Julie my husband, daughter and myself all see Julie! SHE’S SIMPLY THE BEST.
It’s like somebody slipped me a new spine!
— Mel N.
Julie: Wanted to take a minute to thank you for such a wonderful massage on Tuesday. As I told you at the time, I’ve been having massages for many years now due to my constant back issues and the massage you gave me was one of the best I’ve ever had. You really have the perfect blend of firm and gentle.

Thanks so much for your care and attention.
Thanks for the great massage. I like that you don’t use all those weird scents, not really into that. And thanks for getting me in on a sunday. That is awesome. When I get the urge for a massage I like to be able to get in relatively quick!
— David C
Julie is wonderful. The massage was really relaxing and made me feel like a new person. Personally, I loved the hot stones more than anything. But you can feel that Julie really knows what she is doing. The entire experience with her was just so calming and I walked out without pain that had been with me for years. Thanks Julie!
Before getting weekly massages from Julie I suffered from back, hip, leg, and neck pain, limited mobility, and overall stress. I now have a much broader range of motion and the pain and tightness I had is greatly reduced by her massages. I have been to several massage therapists in the past and Julie is the only one who knows my body so well and fine-tunes the sessions to fit my needs. I would give up almost anything except my massages. To me they are crucial to my health.
— C Pegram
Julie works miracles! I’m in the army and carry a 60lb ruck and bulletproof vest at least once a week for 10+ miles, and no matter how much you train, it takes a toll on your back and shoulders. Julie made me feel good as new! She massages in a very professional and soothing environment, and is a master of her craft. She put me to sleep within minutes. With her skill and reasonable prices, I would recommend her over any spa or massage therapist in Roanoke. Thanks again Julie!
— M Ruble
I’ve incorporated a weekly massage into my daily workout routine, and it’s been utterly sublime. Julie’s love for her profession is clearly manifest in her skills, and her ability to leave me feeling as if I’ve melted into the massage table is transcendental. Thank You.
— MT
As a young professional who suffers from chronic pain and flexibility issues due to an unfortunate early onset disability, I can say that Julie has reduced both symptoms substantially in just the few short weeks that I have been seeing her. Not only is she very knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology as they relate to her profession, but she also has what many learned therapists lack – intuition. Simply - she knows where to go before you tell her. She reads your movements and responds accordingly. The energy transfer is utterly remarkable. I feel like an entirely new person after just one hour with her.
There is no end to the absolute enjoyment of one Julie’s sessions. The atmosphere of her friendly and pleasant space is charming. The music is relaxing. Her massage table is supremely comfortable and warm. And oh so important: Julie listens to you when you tell her what you need and would want from her massage. A little softer? A little deeper? Tell her: She understands and wants to work with you for the most positive results. I can’t tell you what a difference that makes.

Aside from the fact that Julie’s massages feel fantastic, perhaps even more important are the health benefits that are intrinsic with massage. Now, I don’t want to start a lecture on the subject, but there are many issues with the well being of my own body that are dealt with during, and because of, her excellent and thorough massage. I believe any and everybody would benefit by such care. I know that I leave feeling fantastic!!!
— Athena P
Julie is highly skilled, insightful, pleasant, laid-back, accommodating, and loves what she does.
— EC
Hi Julie,
Thank you so much for the wonderful massage. I hope I can find someone like you in Austin as well. You did a fantastic job.

Keep up the good work :)
— Conal
One of my biggest concerns about moving to Roanoke (we we know no-one) was how to find a great therapist. I have to say that Julie is one of the best therapists I have worked with. I have Fibromyalgia and she has relieved more pain by releasing my connective tissue than all of the prescription drugs I am taking. I would recomend Julie to everyone who has recurring pain.
— T Hickman
Having never received table massage I didn’t fully know what to expect and was even cynical that I may feel any benefits at all. The relaxation I felt after receiving massage from Julie was noticeable immediately. I was more comfortable when I laid down to sleep and I feel that I slept better that night. The following work week I noticed much less tension in my neck shoulders and upper back.
— S Sutton
I’m a cab driver and i spend long hours in a car and after a massage from Julie I feel rejuvinated.
— Brian N
Just wanted to tell you how good I feel after today’s massage. I felt like I walked out of your office three inches taller. My shoulders are able to move in ways I’d forgotten they could. I can hardly believe your gentle touch did so much.
Thank you,
— C Crawford